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Welcome to Year 1!

Thank you for looking at our class page.


So far this year we have learnt about "Best of Britain" and thinking about "what makes Britain so great?" We drew maps and wrote the Great Fire of London story. We also wrote a diary pretending to be a dog during the Great Fire. Year 1 also got the opportunity to learn archery in school.


We have also looked at Rainforests and endangered animals. We thought about different locations around the world including Indonesia, South America and Africa. Year 1 had an endangered animal day where we wrote information pages, made finger puppets and a model of our chosen endangered animal. We visited the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park where we learnt about different endangered animals.


This term our topic is “Castles” and we shall be focusing on the question- “Are monarchs better than peasants?” We shall be comparing the lifestyles of monarchs and peasants and learning about different castles. We shall be building catapults in D.T and drawing “royal self-portraits”. Our outcome is to have a debate on our banquet day asking if children would prefer to be a monarch or a peasant.

On 26th June we are going to Belvoir castle to look at how royalty and monarchs would have lived. This term Mr Brooks has been teaching fencing to the children.


Visit again soon to see what we have been getting up to.




Leader in Me


This term we are putting first things first and thinking win-win. This means that we always do what we have to do before doing what we want to do. We are developing our skills as problem solvers and trying to think about what others want not just what we want.

Growth Mindset


This year we will be helping the children to develop a Growth Mindset. This aims to increase their resilience, perseverance and independence in their learning. Further information can be found by following the link below.

British Values



Homework will be given out weekly on a Friday, to be returned by the following Wednesday.  It will comprise of one piece of work with Maths, English or Topic related.


There will also be weekly spellings given for our test.

Useful Websites for additional homework ideas.

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