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New Reception Starters - September 2021

September 2022 Starters:

We will be looking at holding two open session for prospective parents if possible this year, but as yet our plans are not confirmed, we will update this page as soon as we know more.


September 2021:

With your child starting school next September you will be looking at different schools to find the best environment for your child’s learning and development. We would like to open our Reception classroom and outdoor area and invite you to have a look at the environment that we provide at our school. We would usually invite parents in whilst the children are here so that you can see children at work within the environment. Unfortunately, in the current climate we are unable to do this but would like to host you after school so that you can come and see what our enriching school has to offer.


Please join us on Wednesday 14th October from 4-5.30pm to have a look around our three different learning environments where you will be welcomed by the Head teacher, two Reception teachers and the EYFS teaching assistant. We will be able to show you around our learning environment and answer any questions.


Unfortunately, due to the current climate this open evening is available for parents only, no children.


April 2021: Welcome to all parents and children who have already received their places at Harlaxton, as soon as the final LCC round is complete at the end of May we will be writing to our new intake with further details of transition. 


Please find below our New Starter Pack, which is full of useful information: