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Aims and Values

Our school vision links to our Values


Our School Aims:

Happiness for all God’s children through:

Aspiring to achieve

Respect for people, property and places

Leading by example

Accepting others

eXcellence and enjoyment

Team spirit

Opportunities for all in a Nurturing environment


As church schools we strive to embed all our teaching and learning within a Christian ethos. We use a set of daily values.


These values are:

 1: Be ProactiveYou can be the agent of change in the world

 2: Begin With the End in Mind  • Think about the 'whole picture', what would you like to achieve?

 3: Put First Things FirstStart with the important things which will leave room for play

 4: Think Win-WinFind solutions to problems and compromise

 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood   • Listen carefully to what people are trying to communicate to you and try to understand their point of view before offering your opinion or advice.

 6: SynergizeWork together - two heads are better than one.

 7: Sharpen the SawFind ways to look after your body, mind and spirit so that you can help others.


Why not try out some of these values in your own life?